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The referendum and what follows will determine the future direction of our country. This is a critical moment in our history. A decision of such importance demands a campaign that will always be honest and rational. In explaining the issues and our options we will only deal in researched and referenced facts, so you can have confidence in everything we say and the accuracy of the information we share.

We believe our future prosperity depends on our country leaving the EU. In that, those who join our campaign are united. But we must make a distinction.

While the EU has many faults, it will continue to play a huge part in the economic and social life of the continent, so we will need to maintain good relations with it. It is our aim to be its best friend but a critical friend, while being a good neighbour and reliable ally. In terms of the global challenges we face, their problems are generally our problems too.

We do not see Brexit as an end to cooperation or participation in joint EU programmes as these are to our mutual long term benefit. Far from being inward looking, as an independent country we will be able to be more outward looking. While we have our differences, we share the same values in principle, if not in practise. To that end we will seek co-operate with the EU to bring the global migration crisis to a resolution, combining our legal, scientific and humanitarian expertise to bring salvation to those in need. We will use our diplomatic influence and military power to protect lives and end conflicts wherever the opportunity presents. Our doors will never be closed to those in need of refuge.

It is our view that that liberty and openness are central to our prosperity and it is our liberal, democratic values that make Britain the number one destination for migrants the world over. We recognise their contribution as well as their intrinsic value as human beings.

That will be balanced with our need to ensure that our security is not threatened and that the safety net that underpins each and every one of us is not abused. Through a century of struggle we have fought for rights and entitlements that make us the envy of the world. It is our duty to ensure that our immigration and asylum policy does not threaten that, lest we squander the hard won victories of our forebears.

It is our view that engagement at the global level through active membership of all the international bodies is essential to reforming the laws and rules that shape our domestic policies. We must be able to participate directly in shaping global rules while pursuing British priorities, have a vote, a right of reservation and an independent veto. This is not permitted as an EU member state. To that end we must choose intergovernmental co-operation instead of supranational political control by a treaty organisation that seeks ever greater integration and subordination of its member states.

We believe that Britain and Europe are stronger when Britain freely advances its values on the world stage, working with nations and institutions the world over to make Britain and Europe wealthier. It is our diversity from which we draw our strength, and our liberty that affords us agility. From environmental issues to human rights and workers’ rights, Britain has always been at the forefront of international efforts and as an independent country we can do that most effectively.

We do not believe our interests are properly served by the EU advancing agendas on our behalf. We should be setting a standard for Europe to follow rather than accepting suboptimal compromises. Brexit will provide us with opportunity to demonstrate leadership in Europe and on the world stage.


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