LeaveHQ, 15/12/2015  

We've just been watching Newsnight with dismay. So bereft of any journalistic curiosity, they have swallowed the migrant benefit bait - hook, line and sinker, devoting a whole segment to it - when in fact the so-called welfare reform never existed as a "central demand".

It was never even a "demand" in Cameron's letter to Tusk. It has only reached its prominence because it has become a "look squirrel!" decoy, promoted by an ignorant media which lacks the capability to report intelligently on EU referendum issues. It cannot be dropped as a renegotiation issue because it was never raised as a renegotiation issue.

Just think about that for a moment. The flagship national television news programme failed to pick up on a political distraction of this magnitude - without so much as a mention of the associate membership plan the EU has in store. Staggering isn't it?

More so when you consider that all the MPs on the programme also believe that migrant benefits are central to negotiations - even to the point of ensnaring the Vote Leave campaign. This is bordering on collective psychosis.

LeaveHQ has maintained for some time that Cameron is engaged in a sophisticated ploy to lower expectations so that when the opportune moment arrives he can pull something much larger from the hat. Hardly a coincidence then that just as Newsnight goes off air, we found this on the Daily Telegraph.

David Cameron's vision for a multi-speed, 'pic-n-mix' Europe has won important backing from Italy on Monday night after weeks of protracted negotiations between London and Rome, The Telegraph can reveal.

The Italian embrace of British demands for a radical overhaul of the euro-federalist ideal of "ever closer union" provides a much-needed boost for the Prime Minister as he prepares for a showdown summit in Brussels later this week.
Couched in terms of a biff bam "showdown", this is laying the grounds for the announcement of what we have called associate membership, or what Cameron will call "the British model".

The EU has long planned a two speed Europe in order to consolidate the eurozone, bringing more powers to the centre. All that remains is the question of what bones will be thrown to non-eurozone members in a new EU treaty. But instead of coming out clean with it, the whole edifice of EU effort is going into keeping Britain in the EU by promoting such a venture as Mr Cameron's own idea.

So much so that we see a joint editorial from Phillip Hammond and Paolo Gentiloni, the Italian foreign minister. Naked propaganda right before our eyes. Inside a week this will be the talking point - and the media will drop migrant benefits as though that media meme never even existed.

David Cameron really must be aghast that his ploy has been so successful. He knows as well as we that the media is gullible, but to pull of a feat of this magnitude without a single mainstream media source realising what was going on is just breathtaking.

To us, the pantomime has been transparent from the beginning and we have been speaking of associate membership and a new treaty for months. The real surprise here is the timing. We did not anticipate Cameron revealing his hand so soon, which works in our favour as this buys us plenty of time to spread the word. But it looks like we will be on our own in doing so.

The media shows no sign of realising how they have been played and it very much looks like the Vote Leave campaign has been totally outclassed by David Cameron. In this though, we have something of a dilemma. As long time servants of the Brexit cause, we have always held the EU to be at the top of our list of concerns. But now we have a slavish media so utterly incapable of reporting the facts, it looks like that is a national emergency.

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