LeaveHQ, 14/12/2015  

Most people couldn't tell you what COP21 is, what is in it or what it does. They don't care either. Climate change has been persistently down on the agenda of concerns for a long time, and COP21 only temporarily revives it as a concern if it has made an impact at all. Reactions to it have been varied. 

It would appear that the final agreement is non-binding in most respects and is unenforceable. Climate sceptics are keen to point out these inherent weaknesses and those for whom climate change is a major concern have condemned it as a weak piece of gesture politics. We would not disagree.

What we see is a jamboree of the global political elites engaged in politics that could not be more remote from the people. We see the EU using it as a platform to assert itself on the global stage, seeking to replace the input of member states. More than anything, it's a flag waving exercise where once again we see our own voice gradually usurped.

It is our view that if we regard climate change as a serious matter then it is too important to outsource to the EU and the outcome matters more than parading the EU brand name. If it is a fudge, then we need a voice at the top table to call it what it is, lest the agreement become the vehicle for political vanity. 

It is our view that such global agreements have more to do with extending the reach of global governance than tackling climate change, effectively giving those same political elites unprecedented powers over the developing world as they impose their sustainable development agenda on weaker African governments. There is good and bad in this, but the missing element is democracy. Something which should be of grave concern.

What is of more immediate interest to us is the orgy of self-congratulation over the largely meaningless agreement. This is exactly how Cameron will announce EU renegotiation "victory" when he rolls out a rebranded association agreement. The media, lacking any curiosity or analytical skill, will repeat what is on the media briefing notes without a hint of dissent - as they have with COP21. 

We know this because we have yet to see one single media pundit realise the game Cameron is playing. It is reported that Cameron is willing to concede on migrant benefits - which is described as a humiliating climbdown. Of course, this is not what Downing Street actually said and it is actually just an invitation for the EU to put forth their version of what they already have planned. It is quite astonishing how the entire media have dropped the ball in failing to detect the decoy tactics in play.

We are often reminded that the EU is not a major concern to the public and we face an uphill battle to make our voice heard. That much is undeniable, but while the EU may not be a concern to some, the gulf between reality and what the media is reporting ought to be of serious concern to everyone. On this and all other matters our media has lost the ability to inform us, thus our politics is based on artificial constructs and fanciful assumptions. When so much is at stake this is utterly depressing. And dangerous.

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