LeaveHQ, 08/12/2015  

Our friends British Influence have concocted a report of the usual europhile memes, concluding with a list of ten questions they demand of Leavers. They're making a big show of of it and challenging the Leave side for a response.

In fairness, they are good questions and ones that really do need answering. But in asking them they are challenging the leave campaigns to come forth with an integrated Brexit plan.

Judging by the way the question are phrased, they know what we know - and have always known. Brexit isn't straightforward and that we will have to make a compromise on freedom of movement should we wish to retain access to the single market.

This is something the Leave.EU campaign has not been mindful of in their insistence that Brexit is a means of controlling our borders. Similarly, the London based Vote Leave operation believes we can leave the single market in order to curb EU immigration. They are boxed in.

This forces them to outline a Brexit plan that has no practical basis in reality and is in uncharted waters from a negotiating perspective. This creates the uncertainly the Remain side are keen to outline on a regular basis.

It is a strategic masterstroke on their part in that they are goading the Leave campaigns to either make unforced errors or to ignore a direct challenge for a comprehensive Brexit plan. They will likely do the latter and so British Influence will say that we don't have one. It's a win win for them.

Or at least it would be had LeaveHQ not anticipated this and published a comprehensive Brexit plan of our own - one which answers the more crucial points. Their only get out now is for them to ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist.

They can probably get away with that as a strategy for a little while longer because the media has not noticed our campaign yet. Or at least the media is determined to ignore us because we are competent. Such is media bias. Omission is their most powerful weapon.

The truth is that we have presented British Influence with our plan on numerous occasions over social media yet they refuse to acknowledge it. It is they who are being evasive.

Thus when they claim that Leavers have no plan, they are in fact lying. Not only have we presented them with our plan, we have turned it into a video presentation (as above) and we have also produced a short version of it for ready reference.

They can deny it as much as they like, but a comprehensive Brexit plan exists and they haven't the guts to admit it. Put simply, if they dared to step onto our turf we would shred every argument they have with glorious ease. That's ultimately why they don't. They are cowards and the last thing they want is an honest debate.

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