LeaveHQ, 13/11/2015  

The unique supranational character of the EU means that it is incompatible with a self-governing national democracy. A free democracy means that the people have the last word on government through their elected representatives. In the EU, Britain’s elected representatives are subordinate to the European Court, the European Commission and have little role in the European Council.

So, the referendum is about ‘who governs’, and not about business. Britain made a historic error in the 1970s when it gave away its status as a self-governing democracy in the belief that EU membership would mean better trade and export performance. During the late 1950s and 1960s the original Common Market countries had shown high rates of growth but, of course, it was temporary. This was a pointless and damaging sacrifice which has become more and more apparent and needs to be corrected.
There are a multitude of reasons why the EU can never be right for Britain. Anthony Scholefield, Director of FUTURUS think tank, explains in in his pamphlet "Why Leaving the EU is necessary and in the long term inevitable", available here.

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