LeaveHQ, 01/11/2015  

We're listening to Radio 4 asking if Britain should become an associate member of the EU. It is implied that it is an end to "ever closer union". It is made clear that the future shape of the EU will make a strong distinction between eurozone and non-eurozone member states. The so-called "two speed Europe". But two objects travelling at different speeds can still be headed in the same direction.

We can secure marginal concessions, and the stage is being set for exactly that, but associate membership does not change one critical fact - that the EU is still the supreme authority. It will retain exclusivity in many key areas, negotiating trade on our behalf and signing international treaties we would otherwise veto. The EU has no intention of changing that. It couldn't if it wanted to. It cannot defy its own DNA.

The BBC plants the idea that other states may also seek associate membership and slides in the notion that there may not even be a need to negotiate, as the EU will engineer a settlement we would go for. This is another way of saying the deal has already been decided, there will be no negotiations and all that is left is for the Cameron spin machine to sell it to the Brits. He will be tasked with selling second rate influence in Europe and third rate global influence as a better deal. If that means lying through is teeth, then that is what he will do.

It should be noted that today is something of a landmark in the campaign in that this is no longer a choice between in or out. It is now a vote of confidence in Mr Cameron. Who wins this depends on his ability to lie and our ability to expose him.

Put simply, there is no new relationship on the table. Only we can offer a new relationship with the EU. We have a better vision than Mr Cameron and a plan to take us there. The only way to get a new relationship with the EU is to leave.

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