LeaveHQ, 01/11/2015  

Much has been said of the so-called Norway Option this week, with europhiles confidently declaring that the option is dead in the water. The Vote Leave campaign has surrendered the ground on this. It is our belief that this is a mistake on their part in that the "debunking" is only superficial, and there will be superficial "debunking" of any option we put on the table. Eventually we will have to stand our ground. That might as well be now.

If we examine the Norway Option in full, it represents the most achievable short term Brexit settlement with the minimal disruption, offering the maximum possible reassurance for business. That is why the Prime Minister was recruited to attack it.

The central argument of the Remainers is that Norway has no influence and must adopt all the rules. As we have discussed already, the Europhiles are largely under the misapprehension that the EU makes the rules. They are blind to the international dimension to the regulations and conventions that shape the single market and beyond. Norway is fully engaged in the international regulatory process. Meanwhile, eureferendum.com has exposed David Cameron as a liar when he says Norway must adopt all the rules. It clearly doesn't.

Our Brexit plan outlines the process by which we would utilise the Norway Option. We recognise there are limitations and pitfalls to any solution, but we have never proposed the Norway Option as the final destination. We argue that Brexit is a process, not an event and the Norway Option is just a transitional mechanism - a departure lounge. We don't want to rush Brexit and we see no reason to add uncertainty into the mix by pegging our hopes on an as yet undefined free trade agreement. There is already a workable framework that does not require a diplomatic Berlin Airlift to achieve.

We recognise there are minor disadvantages in the shorter term but we remain convinced that the greater autonomy and agility on the global stage is the pay off, and we are keen to point out that the Norway Option is only the beginning. If it bothers the Prime Minister enough to make a public speech about it then we know we are barking up the right tree.

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