LeaveHQ, 31/10/2015  

Our campaign is run largely on a voluntary basis. We have lots of talent but minimal resource, but that's not a huge obstacle. It is our belief that the well financed campaigns can and do attract a large following of those who are already decided and it can tell them the things they want to hear. However, we have to reach the swing voters and it is our belief that it will be ours and your combined efforts that bring a different message to the ears traditional eurosceptics have never been able to reach.

We have a comprehensive plan informing the debate and being read in Whitehall. Although we do not have a large presence on traditional media, we do have a serious presence on the internet and we do have a dedicated team of writers, researchers and campaigners. Coordinated online campaigning can be extremely effective and through the power of blogs and social media we can own the online debate in ways the main campaigns cannot. We function through dialogue while they are in transmit mode only. We have strong, well researched arguments, intelligent analysis and sense of pragmatism lacking in the mainstream campaigns.

Alongside the allied think tanks and campaign groups, we have an army of bloggers and social media campaigers who can turn the tide of opinion and win the intellectual battle. It is our intention that this website should act as a resource for all and the material we shall produce will be free for the taking. 

Reproduction and redistribution is welcome.

We do not want to control what anybody says, though we are determined that our team will be on message and will adhere to the principles of our campaign and subscribe to the values as detailed on this site. If you feel you can contribute via your own blog, or simply wish to ally with us and campaign on social media and on the streets and public meetings, then please get in touch

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