LeaveHQ, 03/11/2017  


We're not the sort to say "you lost, get over it", but you remainers most definitely did lose. Some are suggesting this was down to dark money from Russia. This is with a view to de-legitimising the result.

If there is credible evidence to suggest Russia may have attempted to influence the vote then it should be fully investigated - but it changes nothing. The most compelling evidence we have seen suggests a campaign of Twitter bot activity, largely replicating kipperish material which would have been disseminated anyway. While it may be unethical and deeply suspect, there is no tangible proof that it changed minds.

Unless it can categorically be said that Russia agents infiltrated the UK and tampered with the ballot boxes, this was as free and fair a vote as you are ever likely to see. There are many aspects of our democracy we can hold in question but the security and sanctity of the polling booth is the one thing we need not question.

There are still questions to be resolved as to the accounting practices of Vote Leave, and Arron Banks looks dodgier by the day, but this is largely a matter for the authorities and has no real bearing on the outcome.

Supposing the leave campaign overspent or had help from Russian bots, leave was still up against a remain inclined television media, remain inclined academia and a remain inclined government - who produced, at the cost of £9m, a booklet distributed to every household explaining why we should remain in the EU.

Additionally we had several months of fierce debate where everybody who wanted a say had a say. All the economic arguments were heard. All the options were explained - not least by us. Every celebrity, every MP and every international statesman was heard. The Bank of England made its views known. President Obama made his views known. The head of the WTO also made his views known. Morning, noon and night we were subjected to the views of of virtually everybody but the Queen herself.

In the end the result was a rejection of the status quo having been harangued by the great and the good, patronised and labelled with all the names under the sun. Against a backdrop of stagnating growth and growing inequality, the public decided to send a message to the powers that be. Leave didn't win it. Remain lost it. And deservedly so. What were they thinking putting Geldof and Izzard front and centre?

There's a lot of questions that need to be asked; The corrupt relationship between the Tories and the grubby world of right wing think tanks for starters. Arron Banks and Farage also have questions to answer. A lot of people used the referendum as a vehicle for self advancement and enrichment and a lot of people made a few quid. It is necessary to investigate and expose that - but to say that we are feeble minded serfs hypnotised by Russian Twitter bots is exactly the kind of insult that lost it for remain.

Like it or not, remainers will have to come to terms with the fact that we are leaving the EU because more people put their crosses in the leave box than remain. You may be able to prove that Russian activity amplified the messages of the leave narrative but ultimately remain failed to counter it with anything inspiring or believable. Referendums are about offer and counter offer. A lot of people asked "what has the status quo done for me lately?". Neither Labour nor the Tories nor the remain campaign had an adequate reply. That is why we are leaving.

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