LeaveHQ, 10/09/2017  

Brexit watchers need no reminding that the clock is ticking. All the while there are intractable dilemmas to be resolved which require urgent decision making. By now we should have seen progress but instead Theresa May is held hostage by her hard Brexit fringe. They are determined to stop May making the necessary concessions to progress.

The fundamental folly here is that May is hoping to avoid a confrontation when a confrontation is inevitable. This is one of those instances where making no decision is as bad as making the wrong decision. Either way, we walk away empty handed. There is simply nothing to be gained by trying to evade the inescapable. May must make her move or be damned. History will not be kind to the prime minister who dithered her way to oblivion.

The undeniable truth is that if we seek to avoid a hard border in Ireland then we must negotiate a special status for the province, maintaining much of the technical and legal infrastructure of the status quo. That has obvious ramifications for trade with the mainland - and largely dictates that we stay closely aligned with the single market. Meanwhile, business is sending a clear message that frictionless trade must be preserved and the minimum requirement is a meaningful transition period.     

Consequently we are at an impasse. Reality is wholly incompatible with the aims and ambitions of the Brexit zealots. It is, therefore, up to Mrs May to decide whether appeasing her backbenchers matters more than Britain's future. If she is incapable of making a choice then she must be removed. If that means the break up of the Conservative Party then so be it. The gravity of the situation now requires courageous and extraordinary measures. 

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