LeaveHQ, 30/06/2016  

Here we are. Britain voted to leave the European Union. We are immensely proud to have played our part. However, this is not over; now a whole new debate opens up and the real hard work begins. The Leave Alliance will therefore carry on campaigning and influencing the debate.

Leave the EU is an immensely complex and difficult process; as is rebuilding the UK’s capacity for self-governance. There is a high degree of ignorance, misconceptions and misinformation in the discussion about the process of leaving and the best way forward. This is deeply concerning and we will do everything we can to alleviate this keep our supporters informed. There are also concerns about the possibility of the government in the future attempting to wriggle out of implementing the clear democratic instruction of the referendum, or creating a confused fudge of “association membership”.

Although we are absolutely clear that we will need to compromise and make concessions in order to successfully conclude Article 50 negotiations, and that we need to accept that the compromise settlement we reach will simply be the first stage of a long process; whatever agreement is reached must absolutely not be any kind of membership.

The Leave Alliance have long maintained that a market solution, whereby we negotiate continued participation in the Single Market , is the best way forward; but this must entail ending our political and judicial union. No ifs, no buts; we must leave the European Union.

Our role from now on will be to continue to inform the debate, inject positivity back into the discussion by promoting the benefits of leaving the EU and how we should exploit the opportunities it offers, and to put forward our comprehensive Brexit plan Flexcit: The Market Solution as a strategy for secession and a blueprint for our future as a self-governing independent nation. There is a vacuum where a plan should be and we intend to fill it.

In order to continue to operate, to maximise our influence and fulfil our mission statement as set out above; we need your support. Follow us on social media and follow our bloggers and campaigners and re-distribute our material.

What we need most of all to continue is donations. So please, if you are able; donate to the Leave Alliance.

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