LeaveHQ, 26/05/2016  

This is The Norway Option “movie” a 30-minute film exploring the possibility of re-joining the EEA as an alternative to membership of the EU. It is a few years old now but more relevant than ever. It includes interviews with Norwegian politicians and explores how Norway was faced with fear mongering stories of the dire economic consequences of opting not to join the EU; just as we are now. Norway is now happy, prosperous and extremely confident and comfortable with itself.


The typical British politician’s sneering at Norway’s situation is petty snobbery and displays a disgraceful ignorance of their situation. They are a rich and contented nation that punches well above its weight in the world. They are living proof that you do not need to be in the EU to be a constructive, cooperative part of European and global politics and nor do you need to be in the EU to pursue the national interest and exert influence on the international stage.

Years after their defiant, independent minded people rejected the EU they do not regret it one bit and it is widely accepted – except in the Europhile elite – that they made the right decision and are better off because of it. If Britain left the EU we would be saying exactly the same thing in 10, 20 years. Do we have the courage to defy our elite?

The debate is settled in independent Norway. Let’s settle it here too. Remember, the “Norway option” is just our transitional arrangement, a platform to build on, but it’s an economically secure, de-risked means of leaving the EU which is accepted in Whitehall as the method of secession Britain will opt for.

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