LeaveHQ, 25/05/2016  

We have long been pushing for an economically secure, de-risked Brexit by means of adopting a transitional arrangement and protecting our access to the Single Market. It is not only the best means of minimising disruption and reassuring voters; it is realistically the only method of leaving available to us. This is widely accepted in Whitehall and we have heard from many sources that this is accepted as the option to be pursued in the event of a vote to leave. 

The inevitability of the government seeking a transitional arrangement to de-risk Brexit and protect the economy is beginning to dawn on many Leave campaigners. It is late in the day but it is finally gaining traction and we have to do everything we can to popularise it. 

Last Friday we had our good friend Roland Smith doing exactly that by advancing the case in The Telegraph; he makes the point that this is the realistic option and the only means of uniting the Commons behind a viable exit strategy:

Against a backdrop of gyrating markets and with very constrained timescales, the Government would conclude the most optimal way of de-risking Brexit would be to take up a European Economic Area position, which would mean re-joining the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). Indeed, this may be the only basis upon which the EU will deal.

His article also shows that not only does the EFTA/EEA route reassure on the economy, it neutralises the fears of expats as they remain unaffected by Brexit. We can only leave the EU the way we came in; gradually. There is no other option. 

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