LeaveHQ, 25/04/2016  

“The European Commission, like all bureaucracies, exists to secure more power for itself. More power is its raison d'être”

Following on from our recent post regarding the EU removing our vote and overriding our veto on global bodies, in this case the International Maritime Organisation, we’d like to draw attention to this video from Justin Stares of maritimewatch.eu. He explains how the EU interrelates with the EU (or not) and it is clear evidence of the EU seeking to curb – not enhance – curb the influence of Member States on the international stage.

The IMO is but one of a great many global bodies which are increasing in importance all the time, and as the EU seeks to act more like a state we will find our global influence as a nation gradually annulled.

You can follow him on Twitter here. This goes a long way to confirming much of what we have said.

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