LeaveHQ, 17/03/2016  

Yesterday marked the official launch of The Leave Alliance. Though this site normally speaks in the collective capacity, as editor (Pete North), I would like to thank everybody who made the effort to come along - and had we known the response was going to be quite what it was we'd have booked a larger room. To have a packed room on Budget day in Westminster is actually something of an accomplishment. 

From a personal perspective, so many of us work in isolation of each other so it was an excellent opportunity to put names to faces and a real pleasure to meet some of our long standing supporters whose blogging efforts have been invaluable. That alone made it worth it - and from today we can say lasting friendships were forged. What more could we ask for?

Needless to say, we could have done without the train delays resulting in Richard North arriving at the last minute, leading to technical hitches with the Powerpoint presentation and Richard being in less than a cordial mood. But not to our disadvantage I would say. It was a day for unvarnished truth.

Some may say that on the whole it was an amateurish show by traditional standards. In all honesty, I'm fine with that. We're not professionals in putting on slick media friendly shows. This was an opportunity for real people to air their views in a candid way not permitted by mainstream events. 

We have been 100% about the substance from day one. We are not polished, nor would we seek to be. If you want polished then you have any number of outfits you can engage with. The inevitable outcome of such a mentality is David Cameron and Chuka Umunna. If that is what you demand from politics then why are you fighting for Brexit? The status quo is already as you would have it.

And while there was some consternation as to the tone and robustness of some of the commentary, we believe that now is time for open and honest self-appraisal, not just of ourselves, but the whole leave campaign lest we give way to self-deception. We took a briefing from an expert in corporate communications - they who exist to help corporates communicate with the public without treading on any of the PR landmines. We reject such advice. 

We feel the public are sick of bland corporate-speak and they long for honesty. Honesty is not the bombastic waffle of Boris Johnson or Nigel Farage - each of them are patronising populists with their own agendas. Our launch was to lodge the fact that victory cannot be achieved by lightweight, fact-free bombast, but through the promotion of a careful, considered Brexit plan seeking to reassure to public that Brexit is not a leap in the dark - and entirely worth the trouble.

We can never provide a slick laser show or big name politicians, but what we can offer is original arguments, a credible Brexit plan, and dedication to the cause that transcends financial concerns, political ambitions or tribal squabbles. 

Critics can say what they want to say of today - but they can never say that they can shape the debate as we have - they cannot say what Brexit looks like as we can - and they can never match our authenticity and sincerity. Most of all, should we lose, we are still committed to leaving the EU. 

Our launch today marks the launch of a Leave campaign that will not rest until it has achieved what we all set out to do - Leave the EU. Some are in this for the duration of the referendum. We are here until the job is done - however long that takes. 

Today proved that is it not just white haired old men who are fighting for an independent Britain. There is an up and coming generation of younger people who see what we have always seen. The EU is yesterdays idea, ill-befitting an internet world - and that ultimately, whatever the EU may offer, it can never offer anything that justifies the surrender of democracy. That is why the EU will never succeed and that is why we Brexiteers will win. The EU may play the long game - but so do we. Nothing less than democracy will suffice.  

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