LeaveHQ, 06/02/2016  

Finally, let me be absolutely clear about the legal status of these changes that are now on offer. People said we would never get something that was legally binding - but this plan, if agreed, will be exactly that. These changes will be binding in international law, and will be deposited at the UN. They cannot be changed without the unanimous agreement of every EU country - and that includes Britain. So when I said I wanted change that is legally binding and irreversible, that is what I have got. And, in key areas, treaty change is envisaged in these documents.
Those are the words of David Cameron, speaking to the House of Commons, described by EUreferendum.com as "as clear a lie as has ever been uttered from the lips of a British Prime Minister". In this we have seen total silence from our media, not a peep from any politician and a lacklustre response from either of the Leave campaigns. 

As EUreferendum remarks "The nearest anybody got to calling Mr Cameron out for the liar that he is was Bill Cash, who remarked that we had been "told and promised that this entire package would be both legally binding and irreversible, but now it will be stitched up by a political decision by the European Council, not by a guaranteed treaty change at the right time".

Cash is perfectly correct. The very fact that treaty change is necessary to cement in the provisions of this "settlement" means that they cannot be binding. And, since no one can guarantee the outcome of treaty negotiations still to be held, nothing dependent on them can be considered binding.

If our democracy and our media in any way functioned as it should, this would be the stuff to bring prime ministers down. That the media has not even recognised the open goal in front of them would suggest, as we have always believed, that our democracy is broken. The moral and spiritual decay is even deeper set than we thought. Leaving the EU now is only the start of a revolution in politics. Clearly, we must go one further.

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