LeaveHQ, 13/01/2016  

LeaveHQ firmly believes that the EU is an outdated idea belonging to the last century. We believe that the the destiny mapped out for the EU is not one that can be shared by the UK. A relationship in which Britain is subordinate and without a voice at the top tables can never be a satisfactory. 

A body in which we can be voted down, overruled and frequently sidelined can never be viewed as a manifestation of democracy. The supranationalism of the EU can never be reconciled with democracy no matter how many tinkering adjustments are made.

We believe there is a better way to manage international relations and global trade. To realise this we must look up the chain from the EU and acknowledge the lawmaking universe that exists over and above the EU. It is here where we must be fully engaged. 

We also believe that the EU will never reform without leadership and the only way to achieve that is for Britain to demonstrate the path for this century. The ideas on which the EU is founded stand on a foundation of intellectual and moral sand: The idea that wars are prevented by removing the means and the choice. It is a cynical idea that holds no faith or trust in people.

It is such a bankrupt idea that it has never been wholly honest it it's intentions or it's methods. Instead of putting a proposal to the people of Europe it has over many decade salami sliced into the powers of member states. 

We are at a state where European integration has reduced the capacity of national governments to act effectively in many circumstances, but has yet to put in place an alternative government of a federal type at the supranational level. We are in limbo.

But that limbo will not last. The next treaty of the EU will set course for the completion of the project - one that sees our voice on the international stage eradicated in entirety. Once where we must take what we are given over what we would choose. 

We believe that by withdrawing from the EU we open ourselves up to a world of possibilities rather than the certainties of EU federalism and the gradual decline that comes with it. We believe that Brexit it the first step toward a global community of equals, with Britain leading in the creation of a global single market - seeking to promote maximum democracy at the local and international level.

Moreover, we see it as a chance to reform our nation and revitalise local, national and global political participation. We see it as an opportunity to reinvent our constitution so that our politicians can never do this to us again. 

The Remain campaign is seeking to defend the old order and the old ideas from the last century. By means of funding various pillars of civil society, they have bought and paid for the loyalty of public servants and officials. They will use the entire weight of their influence to deter us from thinking there is a better way. They will invent complexity and problematise every last detail. They will seek to make us believe that leaving is impossible. They will lie through their teeth.

In this, we have a weapon. We can hit back. We have a plan. It is a roadmap, not only for leaving the EU but also establishing something bigger and better. It is a blueprint for a phased withdrawal that not only transforms Britain, but also Europe and the World. We can defeat lies and fear with vision and fact.

We have no need of lies or exaggeration. All we need do is educate the public as to what the EU is, what has been done to them and how they could have it if they choose optimism and confidence over fear and lies. They have the poison, we have the remedy. 

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